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The Retro Convo is a podcast about the nostalgic things you love, and so do we! Focusing on the 80s and 90s, TRC covers the movies, tv shows, comic books, and all other novelties that made our childhoods great. Meet our hosts:



Ernest GarciaAs an Orange County native, Ernie’s love for Disney started at a young age. From Peter Pan and Pinocchio, to The Wonderful World of Disney, to Disney Afternoon cartoons, his love for the Mouse keeps him returning to the Parks on a regular basis. Adam West’s Batman was also a childhood favorite (which explains his cheesy, campy humor!) But it wasn’t until Ernie discovered Star Wars that his inner geek launched with A New Hope – that poor VHS tape never stood a chance.

Ernie received his first guitar at the age of 14. His passion for music has evolved into a love for recording and production. After meeting the other 3 hoodlums at different jobs, their friendships grew and The Retro Convo was born.

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Raul GonzalezI grew up loving all things comic books, movies, television, etc. With all these interests you think it’d be easy to find like-minded people to share in these interests. When you’re younger, yes, but as one gets older, tastes and interests change. I am sad to say as I grew up I acted like I wasn’t into these things. However, a trip to San Diego about 8 years ago rekindled that love I tried to deny for so long. I was back in a big bad way! I now collect toys and comics and enjoy everything pop culture has to offer.

I am married with two wonderful stepdaughters, and I got some amazing nieces and nephews brothers and sisters. My favorite reads include The Killing Joke and To Kill a Mockingbird. Favorite movies Godfather and Spaceballs. Favorite toy line Mattel He-Man Line and Hasbro Black Series 6 inch Star Wars line. Favorite cartoon as a kid He-Man and Batman the Animated series. I love to discuss all things and don’t mind a heated exchange of ideas.

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Randy FalconGrowing up in Southern California I have always made my interest in movies, tv, and video games known. Having been a kid when after school shows and cartoons were at their peak I was hooked on shows like Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Batman: The animated series and Beast Wars. Some of my favorite movies are Star Wars IV-VII, Back to the Future, Tombstone, Kill Bill, and Batman but the list can go on.

After meeting Ernie and Raul, I started to rekindle a love for comic books and am always looking for recommended reading. I have always loved talking about these things which has only fueled my passion to help create The Retro Convo and since our first show we’ve wanted to share that passion.

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Mike TempletonGamer, Puppeteer, Nerd, Certified Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Expert. Just a few words to describe Mike. With a passionate love of late 80s-early 90s games, comics, toys, movies and cartoons, Mike brings a unique knowledge of useless trivia that he won’t shut up about.

A regular on the Southern California con scene, Mike has been attending various shows and events for 15 years as a cosplayer, guest, or a general fanboy.

You can usually find him at home on one of his video game consoles or at Disneyland. An avid Star Wars fan, Mike was part of the ForceCast Network on their gaming podcast, “The Sabacc Table”, and continues that show as part of the RandomChatter Network.

In the past, Mike was a field correspondent for KFWB, covering San Diego Comic Con and other entertainment news on the “Phil Hulett and Friends” show as well as a writer for geeksaresexy.net.

Follow Mike on Twitter at @ItsTheRocketeer
and on Twitch at twitch.tv/itstherocketeer