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Episode 20, Darkwing Duck

  • Feb 10, 2016
Episode 20, Darkwing Duck

Episode 20, Darkwing DuckWe are back with another episode! Remember getting out of school and rushing home to catch Disney Afternoon? Relive that moment with part one of our coverage of this awesome series of cartoons. There is something special about the couple of hours that were grouped together, all which had great theme songs. We could spend almost the whole episode humming the tunes alone. We decided to go Heroic and talk about DARKWING DUCK!!! What can we say about this egotistical duck with an amazing ability to say a new catchphrase every time? The answer is a lot, with this universe there was so much brought to this dark world and just the right balance of humor to go along with it. Jim Cummings did such an incredible job voicing a character we all believed in. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the conversation as we discuss a childhood favorite of ours and hopefully yours as well.

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