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Episode 22, Talespin

  • Mar 9, 2016
Episode 22, Talespin

Episode 22, TalespinWelcome to the conversation as we continue our Disney Afternoon coverage, we still plan on doing our gargoyles episode and it should be out very soon so stay tuned. We loved coming home after a hard day of school and turning on the television to catch some amazing cartoons on the KCAL network. Talespin was a great jumping off point to start off with and seemed very familiar to us kids who watched The Jungle Book. Pokemon also just turned 20 and we also got our first Ghostbusters trailer.

With well known characters such as Baloo, Shere Khan, and of course Louie, this toon universe was unique in its look and feel with a World War I era look complete with cartoon victory rolls. These beloved sights and sounds brought us great adventures to follow and not only had one bad guy, but 2 going head to head. Shere Khan alone was a force to be reckoned with already but throw in a Dingo with a very cool outfit and an awesome Spanish accent and you were in for a show. The voice acting genius of Jim Cummings as well as Ed Gilbert and Sally Struthers brought to life an amazing atmosphere. Sit back and relax as we discuss this show with a catchy intro!

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February 24, 2016