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Episode 15, Star Wars: A New Hope

  • Dec 2, 2015
Episode 15, Star Wars: A New Hope

Episode 15, Star Wars: A New HopeThe Force Awakens is days away from it’s theatrical release so it is only fitting for us to discuss the original trilogy, starting off with the first release “Star Wars” now known as “Episode 4: A New Hope.” George Lucas wrote and directed this film, which we all know and love so much, released in fewer than 32 Theaters on May 25th, 1977 is still, considered one of the greatest films in the Fantasy genre. This movie has catapulted a universe that fans and fans alike have embraced for many years. Join the conversation as we discuss and breakdown this film that has shaped us from childhood through today. This episode we are joined by a special guest and a dear friend of ours, Mike Templeton.

All sound clips on this episode are the property of Lucasfilm and are used for entertainment purposes only to enhance the sound experience.

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