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Episode 46, Encino Man

  • Jan 10, 2017
The Retro Convo, Episode 46 Encino Man

The Retro Convo, Episode 46, Encino Man2017 HERE WE ARE!!! The Retro Convo has returned from the Holidays and heads into a new year. We reflect back on our Christmas and 2016 while sharing our goals and resolutions for the new year. We have a full line up set for the year and we are glad you are coming along on our journey with us!

We are starting it off with a movie from 1992, which we discuss on the podcast how we that is very hard to imitate. Leading off with a unique friendship from 2 high school losers like Sean Astin and Pauly Shore, while digging a hole for a pool discover a Cave Man…Yeah that’s right! We discuss the journey of friendship as we have gotten older. Enjoy our latest episode.


Hosts: Ernie, Randy, Raul, and Mike
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January 17, 2017